Home Pros is ready to help with your home repair, home maintenance and remodeling needs. If you’re looking for friendly, reliable professionals that you can trust will go above and beyond to take care of you and your home, look no further. At Home Pros we understand that it’s a big deal to invite someone you may not know that well into your home and we work very hard to make sure that you are much more than just comfortable working with us. Our goal is to make the experience a downright pleasant one!

You’ll notice the professionalism of Home Pros the moment you see us working. Never again will you have to clean up after a handyman who left you with a big mess or be left with a new problem after trying to fix an old one. Home Pros Handyman Services takes the extra steps to keep your home as well as the work area as clean as possible and we try to leave our work areas cleaner then we found it! Booties over our shoes in your home? Protective mats? Vacuuming? You better believe it!

The Home Pros Warranty is second to none! We proudly stand behind all of our work with a 1 year Warranty AND before we leave your home we’ll schedule your FREE 30 day warranty inspection. Yes, we will come back to check on our work for free 30 days after completion because we care enough to take the extra steps necessary to make sure that your repairs are of the highest quality. That’s the Home Pros quality of service that you won’t find anywhere else!