Water Softener Installation, Service and Repair

Water Softener Installation, Service and Repair

A water softener installation can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and maintenance to your home! Hard water isn’t just unpleasant to drink; it also slowly damages everything it comes in contact with including your hot water heater, dish washer, faucets, shower heads, shower door glass, bath tubs, toilets, plumbing and more! Slowly but surely parts inside these systems will buildup mineral deposits and eventually stop working due to hard water. A water softener or whole house water filter will help with these problems and make your appliances last much longer. The benefits of a water softener installation and whole house water filter installation don’t stop there.

hard-water-shower-headA water softener installation can also help with foul odors and taste in your water depending on the type of unit you use. Metallic and mineral tastes from iron and hard water are common in municipal water. Rotten egg smells, metallic tasting water, and mineral tastes are common in private wells. Both can be a thing of the past with the correct pairing of whole house water filter installation or water softener installation. Water softener service performed on a regular basis is key to maintaining the highest quality of water in your home. Depending on the type of water softener or whole house water filter, your water can taste just as good if not better than bottled water, which can also save you on your grocery bills!

If you already have water softener service or a whole house water filter in your home, but it is not working properly or needs repair, Home Pros can assist you as well. Our professional, friendly Water Quality Association Certified Technicians are trained in all aspects of water softener repair and whole house water filter repair. We will come to your home and assist you with all of your water treatment system questions and concerns.

Having a water softener installation completed at your home is an investment that will more than pay for itself by achieving the maximum lifespan of your appliances. Call or fill out the form on this page for more information and a free estimate and start loving your water today!

Home Pros offers water softener installation, whole house water filter installation, water softener service and water softener repair in Saint Charles, Yorkville, Oswego, Aurora and surrounding areas!